How Aslan Christian Academy came to be.

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 Imagine being ripped away from your home, your family and friends and from the only life you have known. Now imagine the fear and humility of being sold into the hands of sex traders. Imagine being forced into all things unimaginable. This is the life of thousands of young girls in the United States who were tricked in employment schemes, who were lied to and abducted against their will. We wanted to know how we could provide a safe and secure place where rescued victims of human trafficking could get a Christ centered chance to restore their lives. Aslan Christian Academy was envisioned and created to fulfill that vision.

    Aslan Christian Academy is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) boarding school that provides a home environment in a safe and secure location. Girls can now begin to rebuild their lives thru education, recreation, and the arts as well as having classes in self-defense, self-reliance (i.e. cooking, laundry, etc.), hygiene, and personal grooming. The academy is planned to house 64 rescued girls ages 11 thru 17 having corresponding grade levels from 5th to twelfth grades.

 Academics are important

Academics are important

   An accredited on-line extended school, will provide student instruction. Our classroom teaching staff will assist with the on-line training for a more traditional classroom experience. Core, elective and college prep course work will enable our students to be fully prepared for their graduations whether it is from elementary, middle or high school. This will give the girls a mindset where they may consider continuing to higher education. We will also have training in entrepreneurial skills in hydroponic gardening and crafts they can market and become part of the greater community outside the school facility.

  One of the many benefits for the students at Aslan Christian Academy is to compete with other local girl teams in competitive sports. In addition, summer projects, trips to the mountains with camping, hiking, river rafting, are planned to help our girls learn to care for one another and build healthy personal relationships. The central function of all activities at the Academy is based on the biblical truths of Jesus Christ. With God’s help, our dedicated staff’s leadership and caring volunteers, it is Aslan’s hope, that all of our young women will be able to have a peace and security that will enable them to regain their dignity, restore their self-esteem and build a strong foundation of principles so they can face the challenges of society.





Community Outreach Counseling Center services, a group of trauma therapy providers, Terry Reilly Health Service, a medical, dental and a psychiatric provider, and Treasure Valley Eye Care specialists have collaborated with Aslan Christian Academy to help provide these young women with the care they may need. Aslan’s goal is to see that all of our students receive a thorough medical and emotional evaluation in order to better understand their needs. The health care plan at Aslan is designed to give these girls, who had suffered continual abuse at the hands of human traffickers, a new beginning in their journey of recovery and re-establishment.

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