Site Plan

The makeup of the campus is as follows:    
1.  Administration and nurse facility
2.  Dining Hall and Entertainment Stage
3.  Permanent Staff Quarters
4.  Book Store, Hygiene, Clothing
5.  Residential Quarters
6.  Four Classrooms
7.  Amphitheater
8.  Chapel
9.  Four Two-car Garages
10. 100’ x  300’ Playing Field
11.  Four Green Houses
12.  Girls Fast Pitch Soft Ball
13.  Visitor Parking (12 spaces)
14.  Overflow parking (3 spaces)

The campus is designed with rolling landforms containing various species of trees of deciduous and coniferous varieties.  Deciduous trees will be placed to provide maximum shade in summer for patio and residential areas and maximum light during low sun angles of the winter months.  There are a variety of shrubs and ground covers supported with drip irrigation.  Sidewalks are curvilinear and will roll slightly with the ground.  Pole lighting, ornamental in the style of late 1800's, and sidewalk lighting is designed for evening safety.  Seven high intensity lights, north, west and south, will be added for additional evening security.  Agricultural six-foot fencing will be established on west, southern, and eastern boundaries of the ten-acre campus.   Vinyl fencing with security gates is planned on northern boundary along entrance road.



Building motif is designed with late 1800's western store-fronts with porches over concrete patios.  The Campus student center is the Wheel- house with a working water wheel.  Gearing from the wheel will operate a coffee grinder and other small operations.  There is a soda fountain counter and a few tables inside along with a small library.  There is planned a store counter with paper and art supplies, jewelry and other items will be featured over time, and has a separate connecting laundry room. The Wheel house serves as a theater on weekends.  There are sitting tables outside under the patio porch along side the working water wheel. Girls will have paid part-time positions with the operations of the wheel-house as part of the Entrepreneur Training Program.