Board of Directors and Officers

Jim Staples - President
Operations, Construction, Finance/Grants, Entrepreneurial Training -

    Jim is married to Patricia, and has a son Jim, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. Jim moved from Washington to Santa Barbara and it was there he graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Jim spent 4 years in Air Force Intelligence and then returned to Santa Barbara to work for the county as an urban planner. Seven years later, Jim established a planning organization of planners to assist developers in the State of California. During the infant stages of the consulting firm, Jim created PRIORIY HOMES, INC, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) public benefit-housing corporation. Priority Homes partnered with the RAYTHEON CORPORATION and built 183 condominiums that sold for 13 million dollars. During the 1980”s, he served on Santa Barbara Christian School Board and during the early 1990’s, Jim served as Vice Chair on Santa Barbara Rescue mission. During Jim’s service on the mission board, 2.3 million dollars was raised from 26 church organizations and the new facility for 187 men and 22 women with children was built. In 2003, Jim sold his consulting firm and moved to Whidbey Island, Washington where he first learned about the practice of human trafficking occurring in Liberia. Jim later learned from a female federal agent about the overwhelming trends of human trafficking and sexual exploitation within the USA. Jim was convinced God’s mission for him was to help in rescuing human trafficking victims in the USA. Jim recently moved to Idaho where ASLAN CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, a nonprofit 501 c-3 corporation, was founded. God’s plan for the Academy is becoming a reality with many service groups partnering with the Academy to serve young girls rescued from commercial sexual exploitation.


Jorie Duncan - Treasurer -

   Jorie Duncan is serving as the Academy's treasurer.  She is a CPA with Ripley Doorn & Co, PLLC in their Nampa, ID office.  She joined the firm in 2010, after graduating from Boise State University, and received her CPA designation in 2011.  She is excited about the opportunity that God has provided her with, to use her accounting and financial background to help Aslan Christian Academy.  
   Born and raised in Castleford, Idaho, Jorie is also very excited to see a home like Aslan being established in a beautiful rural setting with Idaho's mountains as a backdrop.  She prays that the girls will find their new home to be a sanctuary and refuge from the Life they once lived.  "What a blessing to be working with such wonderful people who love the Lord so much and care so passionately about providing a loving and healing home for these precious girls in need."
   Jorie and her husband attend Valley Life Community Church where they are both active in children's and youth ministries.

Earnie Lewis - Director Education Consultant-Educator -

  Earnie is a retired educator and father of three with eleven grand-kids.  His education career started after he graduated from Northwest Nazarene University in 1972 with a BA in elementary Education. He started teaching elementary at West Canyon in Vallivue 1972 to 1979 and was able to squeeze in his Masters of Education in Administration, graduating from College of Idaho in 1977.  Earnie served as Principal at West Canyon Elementary for 14 years.  In 1992 he assumed Principal at a new school, Central Canyon Elementary.  Earnie diverted his experience to teach and direct for two years at Quality Schools International, one year at Sanaa International School in Yemen and the other year at Asgabat International School in Asgabat, Turkmenistan.  Earnie resumed with his education career in Idaho as Principal at West Canyon Elementary in Vallivue School District for 13 years from 1995 to 2007.  In 2007, Earnie expanded his educational career as an Idaho state-wide consultant in Reading First program until 2009.  During that time, in 2008, he started as a consultant with Boise State University with Capacity Building through the Center of School Imp’t & Policy Studies and continues to do so to this day.  Earnie finds himself being asked through various schools districts in Idaho to consult with them.  But Earnie has a story much different than his role in education that brought him to Aslan Christian Academy.

  A friend told Earnie about Aslan Christian Academy after they had received a copy of his autobiography:  The Journey from Error to Heir.  They thought he could assist with the school's development of becoming a safe haven for young girls ages 11 through 17, harmed sexually against their wills.  Earnie relates to the experiences of these girls due to the sexual abuse he experienced most of his childhood years from a brother 10 years older than he.  His education and life experiences can lend an opportunity to help younger females get a second chance in life.  At Aslan Christian Academy, Earnie will be able to add one more chapter to his book about a new teaching course that he couldn’t offer in public education—the chapter “How to Find & Know God.”  

  Earnie and his wife, Kathy, attend Deerflat Free Methodist Church.  He is member of a male quartet and is the ministry leader for Celebrate Recovery at his church.


Diane De La Hunt - Secretary
Grants, Donations Advocate, Mentoring -

   In my younger years, my career was mechanical design drafting. But, as my children became more active, I did also. I volunteered with the children's and adult's music ministry at our church, the PTA and other school sponsored events. When we first moved to Idaho I opened a chocolate business. I had a certified kitchen and produced custom chocolates from the custom molds I created. This was a fun use of my design/drafting skills. When we moved to Meridian, Idaho I became involved with Meridian Police Department's National Night Out, a Neighborhood Watch community event. I sought donations from over 120 local companies to help support this event. I was awarded the City of Meridian's "Neighborhood Star Award” for my efforts, though I know that award came by the generosity that the Lord put upon the hearts of those sponsors.
    I have been praying for the Lord to find some way for me to serve him with the skills I have used over the past eight years. Aslan Christian Academy is a place that is so needed in our society today. Many are unaware of the great need in our own community. Aslan's girls need the Lord's help and ours as his servants. I feel honored to help in any way I can with Aslan Christian Academy.

Patricia Staples - Director
Business, Mentoring -

   Patricia (Pat) Staples was born in San Bernardino, California and when she was three years old moved to Santa Barbara, California. Patricia started working for her parents who started ESAU’s COFFEE SHOP and she continued working for them until she married Jim Staples in 1965. Patricia started working for her husband when he started his Land Use consulting firm in 1979 and helped with financial part of the company until it was sold in 2003. During the 1980’s, Patricia served on the Board of Directors of her husband’s non-profit housing corporation to build low and moderated income housing. During this same period of time, Patricia’s father developed Parkinson’s disease and she served two years as President of the Parkinson’s Association of Santa Barbara. Patricia’s compassion for the down and out has been a strong part of her life. Patricia became aware of abuse of young girls when a missionary gave a talk one Sunday morning at church. She and Jim later discovered that commercial sexual abuse was a major factor in the USA. We have friends who live in Eagle, Idaho and found out we could afford a home and possible land for the abused girls in Idaho. We thought of what it might have been like when God called Abraham and Sarah to go to new area miles away. Now, it was God telling us to go to a distant area in Idaho and start a home and safe place and school for young girls rescued from commercial sexual exploitation. God’s vision for us certainly has come alive with the recent donation of ten acres from a local school district. This land will be the start of Aslan Christian Academy